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Meet our Summer 2021 Interns!

Logic Films is excited to introduce our Summer 2021 interns! Thanks to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County and their Career Launch/Summer Jobs program, we were able to take on four new interns, and welcome back two more! New to the Logic Film Company are our interns Mashayla, Mina, Anastacia, and Isabel. Our returning interns, Mac and Giselle, are eager to join us for another semester. Throughout our six-week course, each intern will gain onset experience, as well as develop a better understanding of social media and marketing. We look forward to seeing the work that our interns accomplish, and watching them grow through our program! Read more about each of our interns on our internship page here.


Career Launch at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County

During the Career Launch Program with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County, our new summer interns were able to learn to be responsible and be leaders in their jobs as interns. Throughout the Career Launch program, the Summer 2021 Interns were taught how to enhance their decision-making and problem-solving. Career Launch is a 7 week program in which students met once a week to prepare for their new summer job. At the end of their 7 weeks, the students interviewed and those accepted into the Summer Jobs Program became interns across Kern County at multiple unique job sites. Which we like to congratulate Anastacia, Giselle, Isabel, Mac, Mashayla, and Mina for doing an excellent job during their interviews. To learn more about the Career Launch program with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County visit their page here.

What's In-Store

The interns will meet four hours a day, Monday through Thursday, for six weeks where they will learn and enhance skills through workshops. Every Friday they will meet with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County along with the others in the Career Launch program to continue to learn how to be productive employees, working to attain their food handlers card, learn CPR, and more.

Equipment Training

The interns dive deep into elaborate setup procedures and foreign technical terms. Logic Film's Audio/Visual Equipment training walks our interns through the plethora of settings on multiple cameras, the setup and tear down of the lighting instruments, and the ins and outs of the audio hardware. With the intriguing high-tech equipment and valuable hands-on experience, our interns are eager to begin working directly in the field this summer session.

The Micro-Short

With the help of Logic Films, the interns will work together to create their very own micro short film. A micro-short film is a short film, just even shorter, giving the interns a week to shoot and a week for post-production. From the idea to the screenplay, it will all be in our intern's hands, but they will need your help. If you want to be a part of the intern's journey of creating their micro-short film, keep a lookout for the casting call and other things to help in the production. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn for more information.

Summer Productions

The curtain has been drawn on Stage Door Academy's Annie For Kids and The Teen Summer Sensational Celebration Showcase!While the cast and crew work on rehearsing their lines and perfecting their jazz squares, we are preparing to capture their talent and skill. We've had so much fun working with Stage Door Academy and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County on past productions like Footloose and This and That, and we can't wait for what this summer's productions have in store.

You can check out our work on these productions here. Keep a lookout on our social media for updates on these exciting new projects!


We are very excited to see what this summer will bring! To keep up to date with our interns and our company, visit our Instagram page.

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