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The Production of Beta

An inside look at what goes into creating our short film, Beta.

Aubree Bouché and William Nicol get the giggles on the Beta set.
Aubree Bouché and William Nicol get the giggles on the Beta set.

Happy February!

We are so happy with how Beta is coming together piece by piece. With all this excitement for Beta comes questions on where the film is in the process and when it will be released, so we thought we'd take a moment to explain the filmmaking process and where we are currently.

Production of any film consists of three categories:


(Script, Planning, Casting)


(Shooting the Film)


(Editing, Sound Effects, Music, Coloring)

There is a lot of information about our pre-production and production process documented on our social media sites, but not often is it shared how much goes into post-production.

Viewed in the photo above, our editor and director, Kevin, spent the holiday break editing, and we are closing in on having a locked edit (or the end of moving clips around in the film). With a locked edit comes the chance to add sound, change the coloring of the footage, and present test screenings. Once the film is picture-perfect, we work with a composer (to be announced soon) to create the music for the film and work on foley to create the sounds in the film such as a chair scooting across the floor or clothing movements, etc.

Once everything is finalized, we send it out to festivals for a chance to show our work around the world. Make sure to stay tuned for announcements on where and when Beta will be screened. We are very excited and proud of how this is coming together.

Join us on social media to follow the post-production journey of Beta. Comment on any of our posts, we would love to interact with you.

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