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The Sounds of Beta

During the post-production process, the movie comes to life with the sounds of Foley, enriched dialogue audio, and best of all... the score.


Foley: The reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to films, videos, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality.

The Foley process is long and often tedious but is ultimately a crucial aspect of film production. Our first Foley session for Beta was held February 7, 2021, and we still have more coming up. To create Foley, Producers and Interns use many objects and surfaces to get the perfect sound to imitate the actor’s actions. Adding Foley into our short films highlights the small sounds and details that would normally be drowned out while recording on set.

Next time you watch a movie try to spot where Foley audio might’ve been used.



Automated Dialogue Replacement, or more commonly referred to as ADR, is the process of re-recording dialogue by an original actor after the filming process is completed to improve audio quality or make changes to the originally scripted dialogue. On March 6th, 2021, some of our Logic Films team had the pleasure of traveling to Los Angeles to meet with our exceptional Beta actors for ADR recording!

Fun Fact: We filmed Beta during a rainy weekend back in November 2020 and some of the outside weather could be heard in our original audio, making the ADR process crucial in editing our short film.



Meet our Beta composer, Emiliano Mazzenga! Emiliano is an award-winning Italian composer based in Los Angeles. He is very active in the American, European, and Asian film and TV industries. Most of the movies he has worked on were screened at film festivals worldwide and distributed on OTT platforms including Disney +, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video. His music was recorded by top orchestras in iconic studios such as the Warner Bros Eastwood Scoring Stage, Capitol Studios, East West Studio, and Synchron Stage, Vienna. Emiliano has won multiple awards for his scores at several International film festivals.

“The music for the beautiful and intimate story of Beta and Byron needed to be subtle and delicate but very emotional and deep. The two characters have their own themes but share the same instrumentation choices (mostly piano, harp playing bisbigliando, and ambient synth sounds) which help define the world they live in. Byron's theme is based on a very small musical cell that develops as he makes progress on his creative activity. It represents his logical mind well. At the same time, his music has an emotional quality since his action is influenced by his emotions and desire to be loved. For Beta, I needed to find a very simple and beautiful tune that could be flexible enough to follow her during her journey of discoveries, new emotions, and growth.”

- Emiliano Mazzenga on scoring Beta

The score, created by Emiliano is coming together amazingly. We are so happy with our partnership and cannot wait to share Beta with film festivals in the coming months. Keep a lookout, or better yet, an ear out for any projects with Emiliano attached because they are guaranteed to sound great. Check out his website here.


Follow along with us on our post-production journey of Beta as we prepare for final edits and film festivals. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have on the process; we'd love to interact with you!

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